It is special ticket which can go from Tokushima Port to all Nankai Railway Corporation stations for 2,000 yen.

kakeidadakeru "SUKIPPU 2000" that it is very attractive and is from Tokushima to the Kansai area.
From Tokushima Port to Wakayama Port with ferry one way embarkation ticket,
From Wakayamako Station to all Nankai Railway Corporation stations (except Senboku high speed line)
It is super advantageous ticket that one-way ticket was bundled.

The use to "Kabuto" and "Tanagawa" "Takashinohama" "Shiomibashi" is enabled, too,
It became more and more convenient.

■Brand name and effective section

(as soon as Namba, kankuu asks kada, tanagawa, takashinohama, shiomibashi)
(all become release only for one way)

Tokushima Port → Wakayama Port (Nankai Ferry) + Wakayamako Station → All Nankai Railway Corporation stations (except Senboku high-speed railway)

■Sale place

・Tokushima Port terminal window

・You can purchase in each virtue bus sightseeing service office.
It releases at "Tokushima station square Office, Naruto Office, Anami Office, 4 stores of Kyoei baton shop".

■The amount of release (it releases only one way)

Adult: 2,000 yen children: 1,000 yen


※For the green seat use of seat reservation train of Nankai Railway Corporation and Nankai Ferry,
Additional charge is necessary.
From Nankai Railway Corporation each station to Tokushima "Tokushima SUKIPPU 2000"
But, please use this as you release.


■Release period

You can purchase for one month on use day.
※Release of Tokushima Port: Until 2:20 - Upbound eighth flight start on a voyage (is not this limit at the time of the suspension of service)

■About refund

Only for in expiration date and mint condition, we refund for fee 510 yen.


It is only for the day of the use


Nankai Ferry Tokushima Office TEL: 088-636-0750 (from 9:00 to 18:00)

Nankai telephone center TEL: 06-6643-1005 (from 8:30 to 18:30)