Waterfall of Nachi

13 meters in width of way of escape, drop to the basin of a waterfall are one of the Japan's three biggest excellent waterfalls of 133 meters.
For one step of waterfall the drop Japan first place.
Place where we want to take "crow excellent cow" (we chase crow) said to be the Japanese oldest lucky charm home with us by all means.


■The time required

It is ... from Wakayama Port via Hanwa Expressway, Wakayama IC - Kisei Expressway, Susami south IC for about three hours

■Neighboring sightseeing

・Nachi Kumano big shrine
・aokishitoji (the pilgrimage around the thirty-three holy places in the Kinki district thirty-three temples first bill place)
Nanki Katsuura Onsen (Nanki Katsuura Onsen inn association)
Museum (Taiji-cho) of Taiji municipality whale