Shikoku aquarium

The Shikoku's first next-generation aquarium "Shikoku aquarium" opens in Kagawa, Utazu-cho from Monday, June 1, 2020.

We reproduce the sea of every direction, many clear streams, the underwater world only in Shikoku such as innumerable ponds and marshes under the theme of "Shikoku waterscape" wealthily.

We express not only living thing but also environment that there is with the working of culture and people who live there in Shikoku in water tank.

■View of whirling current

Water tank reflecting the image of whirling current of Naruto Channel

■Dolphin (dolphin) pool

We can enjoy dolphin program.

■View of mare

Migratory fish display of the Pacific with water tank of Shikoku's greatest 650㎥

■View of the tenth lunar month

We display dirt common hammerhead

Photo courtesy: Shikoku aquarium


Adult: 2,200 yen (high school student, 16 years or older) primary and secondary student: 1,200 yen Infant (3 years or older): Under 600 yen 3 years old: Free of charge

■Access to Shikoku aquarium