Nanki Shirahama area

■Shirahama Onsen

History is old; one of three Furuyu, Japan. It is hot spring called Arima type who seawater which crawled into the Philippine Sea plate sinking in Nankai Trough is heated in high temperature, and begins to be blurred with groundwater, and springs out. There is public bath of open-air bath flowing constantly from the source, too.

Shirahama Onsen (open-air bath)



Summer Shirahama is at the climax in season. Thing to be worth coming just to see beautiful pure white sandy beach so as to be blinded. We perform Waikiki Beach and friendship sisters beach tie-up of Hawaii Honolulu City from 2000.
Another pleasure adds hot spring outdoor bath to be able to take as swimsuit.
Area that approximately 100 people pour at a time.



■Three setoffs

It is vast quay approximately 50-60m in height to tower over the south. State that we rush in bave rock, and Kuroshio Current clashes intensely is right Riki Osako of nature. A lot of highlight including spouting rock and "*rodaibensaiten" (murodaibensaiten).

Three setoffs



The name of "Senjojiki" was derived from area as we could spread tatami mat, and we hung long time, and we were eroded to soft sandstone towards the Pacific by surf, and the complicated topography was created.



■Resonance hole island

Because hole by erosion is vacant in central part, we are called and are got close to resonance hole Island. It recommends to look at resonance hole Island while healing fatigue by free Mifune footbathing near.
One of 100 selections of Japanese setting sun.

Resonance hole island


■Adventure world

The best big family whom five giant panda spends in Japan. We are fascinated by lovely a panda and cute movement and will be what is healed.
※Baby panda was born on August 14, 2018.

Adventure world


■Shirahama energy land

Experience-based theme park of a lot of wonders that featured the theme of "energy of people and nature!"
Various corner to play, and to be able to learn including "solar town" which we can learn about "Da maze" and natural energy to clear various devices!
Shirahama energy land

Ames' room
Mystery zone
Come to play

■Access to Shirahama


Photo courtesy: (public corporation) federation of sightseeing in Wakayama, Shirahama energy land