Corporate philosophy
Imposition about ensuring safety of transportation was strengthened for transportation company of the sky the land, the sea from October, 2006, and we built the transportation security management, too. Establish "policy as prime problem by navigation safely" safely, and we plan the maintenance improvement in order to provide marine transportation comfortable safely in the customer first based on "corporate philosophy"; and of all employees plan uplift of consciousness safely.
Corporate philosophy
We offer marine transportation comfortable safely in the customer first
Contribution to community
We fulfil responsibility of safe transportation and contribute to development of community.
With customer
We offer sea voyage that relief is comfortable to customer by high quality service.
A certain vitality workplace
We try for self-study and make the bright workplace with job satisfaction.
Progress to the future
We take advanced technology and social needs in advance and advance to the new times.
Safe policy
Top management is independent, and they participate about securing of security
Officer and employee,
・Security is duties for consciousness that we have priority over all.
・We understand laws and ordinances, office official regulations concerned well and we observe surely and accomplish duties fairly.
・We try for enforcement of confirmation without depending on supposition and do the safest handling.
・When accident occurred, we act to having top priority by lifesaving.
・We convey information quickly and exactly without exception.
・We always perform continuous improvement of preparation for safe management with critical mind.