Timetable, Fare
About money of fuel oil price fluctuation adjustment (money of fuel oil adjustment)

We will change "money of fuel oil price fluctuation adjustment" (the following, money of fuel oil adjustment) system from boarding to January 1, 2020 targeting at two-wheeled vehicle, car, truck buses.

(1) When fuel oil prices (fuel oil C, paper pulp price) become 40,000 yen /kℓ or more, we add money of following adjustment to fare separately for each remarkable rise breadth 5,000 yen /kℓ.
 ※Money of fuel oil adjustment should be the outside targeted for various discount.

(2) About stage to apply, we perform review based on "fuel oil C, paper pulp price" quarterly.

The fuel oil adjustment gold details are this

Passenger fare
Adult Children (we apply to primary schoolchild)
Passenger fare 2,200 yen 1,100 yen
Green rate    500 yen    250 yen
※Green rate
(rate between busy seasons)
1,000 yen    500 yen
※Rate application day between busy seasons
From April 29 to May 7, from August 10 to August 17, from December 29 to January 5
We limit at the time of the ferry roundtrip boarding ticket purchase by boarding that there is no car in (on foot) and are applied a 10% discount return journey.
(as for the term of validity of round-trip boarding ticket 14 days including outward trip boarding day.)

You can make a reservation of green ticket at the time of the purchase in each office of main travel agencies or Wakayama Port, Tokushima Port.
In addition, please note that you cannot be specified about seat.
Green ticket is the release until noon on ... day before one month ago of boarding day you like. Boarding is the release only in slop chest on that day.

Vihicle Fare, two-wheeled vehicle (we apply for from July 1, 2020 to December 31)

There is no money of fuel oil price fluctuation adjustment (money of fuel oil adjustment) application

The body head Normal fare Money of fuel oil adjustment
(the outside targeted for discount)
The fare total
Less than 3m   5,800 yen 0 yen 5,800 yen
Less than 4m   7,600 yen 0 yen 7,600 yen
Less than 5m  9,600 yen 0 yen 9,600 yen
Less than 6m 11,300 yen 0 yen 11,300 yen
Less than 7m 13,100 yen 0 yen 13,100 yen
Less than 8m 14,900 yen 0 yen 14,900 yen
Less than 9m 16,900 yen 0 yen 16,900 yen
Less than 10m 18,700 yen 0 yen 18,700 yen
Less than 11m 20,700 yen 0 yen 20,700 yen
Less than 12m 22,400 yen 0 yen 22,400 yen
12m or more
Whenever it rises by 1m
1,900 yen 0 yen

※ We include passenger fare of one driver in Vihicle Fare. Fellow passenger needs passenger fare separately.
※ After checking the body head listed in the registration document, please confirm fare.
※In the case of the purchase, it is usually applied to a 10% discount than fare return journey with return journey boarding ticket within 14 days including outward trip boarding day.
(money of fuel oil adjustment becomes out of discount object)
(please show outward trip boarding ticket reserve that you purchased at the time of the return journey boarding ticket purchase.)
※We do not apply overlap of various discount.

Special baggage (two-wheeled vehicle)

Car model Type Normal fare Money of fuel oil adjustment The fare total
Bicycle, ※1    700 yen 0 yen 700 yen
Motor bike Less than 125cc 1,300 yen 1,300 yen
Less than 750cc
750cc or more
1,900 yen
2,500 yen
1,900 yen
2,500 yen

※1. Light vehicle of car or other Road Vehicles Law Article 2 Paragraph 4 for children
※ Passenger fare does not include in special baggage (two-wheeled vehicle) fare.
※ About inboard carry-on of pet
If it is small dog which we can put in the basket, we can do carry-on to guest room.
As rate is 280 yen as belongings, please purchase in the boarding ticket section.

About payment

Only person of boarding can use various credit cards by car, two-wheeled vehicle.
(one time of payment deals only with payment.)
When we arrive at the time of the coupon purchase and various reduced fare applications, it becomes only cash payment. (except return journey discount)