Privacy policy
Nankai Ferry sets the next basic policy on performing administrative task of ryokyakusenkenjidoshakososen engaging in tramp route to our commuter pass to secure safe navigation of ship and environmental protection. 1.Way of thinking about "protection of customer information"
We observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection concerned and regulations in the company to deal with information that had you provide Nankai Ferry (you say "us" as follows) than customer appropriately. In addition, we make sure of education of the choice and employee of manager for handling in office, security of system in case of preservation of information and act for protection of customer information. 2.The use purpose

Our company uses personal information that I received from customer only for the following cases, and they may not use other than the purpose.

In addition, we may entrust Nankai Electric Railway group, financial institution of fund transfer, information processing company, subcontractor with a part of the duties to push forward the duties mentioned above smoothly. We may provide customer information on this occasion from us as far as these duties trust is necessary earlier. In that case, we make a contract about the handling of customer information between duties trust point and perform appropriate supervision.

3.About disclosure, offer to third party

We disclose customer information to third party or we do not provide when we list in "the use purpose and unless 2" corresponds to any of the following.

4.The joint use

We may use a part of the customer information jointly as follows.

  • ・Item of customer information to share, and to use
    Full name, zip code, address, phone number, sex, age, the date of birth, e-mail address, others of customer
  • ・Range of person who shares, and uses
    Nankai Electric Railway group company
  • ・The use purpose of person using
    2.Like the use purpose
  • ・Person who has responsibility about management of customer information
    Nankai Ferry

5.About disclosure, correction, addition or deletion

Inquiries such as disclosure, correction, deletion about personal information that we hold delete answer or correction based on appointed procedure in during rational period and range after having had you report, and having confirmed that it is the person or the agent. In addition, we demand fee 500 yen from request of disclosure as the actual expenses.

Our reception desk window is as follows.
[reception desk window]
Company name Nankai Ferry
Department name Management Department
Address 〒 640-8404 2835-1, Minato, Wakayama-shi
Telephone 073-422-2160
Reception hours 9:00-17:30 (celebration is excluded on Saturday and Sunday)

We introduce link to other websites to offer useful information, service to customer on our website. About collection of personal information to be carried out on linked website, we do not bear any managerial responsibility. Please use by your judgment.