In Tokushima tabi plus "o advantageous stripe!"

Campaign period: From Sunday, December 1, 2019 to Saturday, February 29, 2020

[campaign target by car the embarkation]

During campaign period, joyoshakosounchin and fellow passenger passenger fare (limited within vehicle capacity) discount 10% of outward trips by the Tokushima tabi positive application screen presentation targeting at customers of the use by car.

Furthermore, when, at the time of the return journey embarkation ticket purchase, have show Tokushima tabi plus application screen and the outward trip embarkation ticket reserve; joyoshakosounchin and fellow passenger passenger fare (is limited within vehicle capacity) of return journey for 20% discount!

※Money of fuel oil adjustment is needed separately.
※About 20% discount of return journey, both "Tokushima tabi plus application screen" and "outward trip embarkation ticket reserve" (from the outward trip embarkation day less than 14 days) are necessary. We do not become a target of 20% discount by the presentation of either.
※Please pay in cash.

[campaign by bicycle target the embarkation]

During campaign period, bicycle fare is free by the presentation of Tokushima tabi plus application screen!
※Passenger fare (adult 2,200 yen, primary schoolchild 1,100 yen) and money of fuel oil adjustment are needed separately.
※Please pay in cash.

What is Tokushima formula sightseeing application "Tokushima tabi plus?"

We only show screen of application in registration hospitality facility, and privilege every shop is got. As for "the stamp rally function" that present wonderful by lot is again!
It is advantageous application that "can enjoy sightseeing in Tokushima more" equipped with a lot of convenient functions from tourist attraction search, plan of trip including route navigator to guide in travel destination.

Downloading of usage and application and the details are checked in official site!