It is relief trip 2019 by loose ferry

"Relief trip 2019 begins by loose ferry" campaign for car one going on board from Tokushima Port from September 1.
Including triangle lottery which had favorable reception, campaign contents are three mainly.


Tokushima Port says the car embarkation; if is with conditions, but hit appears as hand one piece of triangle lottery because of one; inboard with premium (is limited within slop chest business hours); or is get in Wakayama office!
Prize hits toward 300 people in total.


During period of from September 14 to September 23, primary schoolchild fare to ride with car is free! (limited within vehicle capacity)
※Coupon which "relief trip 2019 brochure has is necessary for loose ferry".


The facebook contribution campaign details are this

Brochure distribution place

The prefectural office (Tokushima prefectural government office, Kagawa prefectural government office, Ehime prefectural government office, Kochi prefectural government office) of four prefectures of Shikoku

Roadside Station (village, Momijikawa Onsen, *ko of Kagawa, wajiki, eagle which is Wasa, Shogun town on village Kamiyama, shishikui, day of village of the ninth village, young bird and the back, hot spring leisurely hall, indigo plant land udatsu, Oboke, west Sodani) in Tokushima

Each advantageous terminal, Tsukimigaoka Seaside Park, Uzu-no-michi, Aeon Mall Tokushima, Tokushima Bank branch, Tokushima Station synthesis information desk, Apica, Anan-shi business and industry promotion center, play play NASA to dissolve

Roadside Station (village heat, Takarada-no-Sato dream fir tree park, Takimiya, thing ordinary Shioe, nagao of competition between two teams that it bloomed and is empty) in Kagawa

Roadside Station (bowl building, kisaiya open space, goso MIC) of Ehime Nannyo

Roadside Station (village susaki, nabura Tosa Saga, bios ogata of Toyo-cho, Tano Station shop, kiramesse Muroto, Yasu, southern country-style excellent village, otter), Cape Muroto-misaki in Kochi

You have you install brochure of this campaign in the facility mentioned above, but you are available in limited quantities, and please note that it becomes the end as soon as it disappears.