The ticket release to be heated to get Misakikoen

Ferry + train roundtrip ride ship ticket & Misakikoen admission ticket is advantageous ticket which was bundled.

It releases very advantageous "heated ticket that Misakikoen is heated" that "Misakikoen" admission ticket was bundled with round-trip discount ride ships ticket from Tokushima Port to Misaki-Koen Station.

Misakikoen is opened in 1957 and is amusement park and zoo and synthesis playland which both adult including dolphin show and child can enjoy.

The release period and expiration date
The release period: From Saturday, February 8, 2020 to Tuesday, March 31
Expiration date: It is effective for two days from the trip start date
※Please confirm in web site for closed days of Misakikoen.

Tokushima Port ← of Nankai Ferry → Round-trip discount boarding ticket of Wakayama Port
Wakayamako Station ← of Nankai Railway Corporation → Round-trip reduced fare ticket of Misaki-Koen Station
Misakikoen admission ticket
Attraction point (1,000Mipo) exchange ticket

The amount of release
Adult 5,110 yen (normal 7,110 yen)
Children 2,960 yen (normal 4,080 yen)
Payment becomes the handling only for cash.

Ask, and buy; point
Nankai Ferry Tokushima Office 088-636-0750