Tokushima marathon 2020 participant support campaign

Targeting at participating runners of Tokushima marathon 2020, we perform advantageous campaign that car fare and passenger fare of fellow passenger are a 50% discount.
As it is contents advantageous at all in becoming Tokushima by car from the Kansai area in participated in Tokushima marathon, please use by all means.

Application period: From Saturday, March 21, 2020 to Monday, March 23

Discount contents: It is 50 off than car fare to less than 6m and fare normal fellow passenger passenger fare
     (but money of fuel oil change price adjustment is needed separately in outside one targeted for discount)

Discount condition: ①Boarding reservation is necessary for telephone beforehand.
     Tell with "Tokushima marathon 2020 participant support campaign".
      Wakayama Office 073-422-2156
      Tokushima Office 088-636-0750
     ②It is not applied to boarding (there is no car) on foot.
     ③We would like the boarding ticket purchase in cash (credit card impossibility)
     ④The presentation of thing which can prove that we participate in Tokushima marathon 2020
      (the number card or athlete's number)

Instructions: ①We do not apply overlap with other discount.
     ②We give a discount after boarding and do not apply.

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