Some the "Ferry I" ships

We will introduce only some the ships of "Ferry I".
It is counter seat which we founded this time. You can spend relaxedly while seeing the sea.
There is outlet of AC100V.

It is family seat area. There are four people hook and six people hook.
We compete in ferry sword, ferry katsuragini, and the number of the seats increases more.
Including family, please inflect as space to enjoy conversation and lunch with friends.

It is navigation indication monitor. Speed that the present location and ship advance from the GPS traffic light to, approximate arrival time are displayed.

It is green seat on the second floor.
It is quiet brightly, and, in this opening-like seat, view from window is fantastic.

There are 18 seats of reclining seats with ottoman & storing table, and we take three people hook and four again, and sofa seat is two places in total. You can enjoy unhurried quiet sea voyage.

On fine day, it is particularly recommended.