"Ferry I" completion, delivery type

We will send state of completion, delivery type of "Ferry I".
Construction Ferry I constructing in Sanoyasu shipbuilding Mizushima factory on December 3, 2019 became the completion, delivery safely.

We went to visit the factory several times and saw building process, but we invited day today and we were endowed with fine weather and were impressed by the morning sun a little when we saw the hull which reflected, and shined so as to be dazzling and the shiny ship some other time.

We will depart at Wakayama Port from this.

Is short time to service, but train in Wakayama - Tokushima well, and go on a voyage, at 10:35 from Wakayama Port on Sunday, December 15 from. "Ferry I" greets customer from Tokushima Port some other time than at 13:25 and will provide comfortable sea voyage by relief, security.

When "Ferry I" becomes ship had a lot of "love" of by customer, we are glad.