Company profile
(as of July 1, 2018)
Company name Nankai Ferry
The location 〒640-8404 2835-1, Minato, Wakayama-shi
Representative President Shigeru Sakata
Establishment August 20, 1975
Capital 100 million yen
Stockholder 100% of Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Officer Seven people
Employee 80 people
Business outline General passenger regular line business "Wakayama - Tokushima route" (Kinki No. 110)
・Nankai Ferry 9 roundtrip/days (the time required: for about two hours) 
・Use ship (two)
Ferry I
2825 gross tons
Ferry Katsuragi
2620 gross tons
Wakayama Office
〒640-8404 2835-1, Minato, Wakayama-shi
TEL: 073-422-2156 FAX: 073-431-4434
Tokushima Office
〒770-0874 5-7-39, Minamiokinosu, Tokushima-shi
 TEL: 088-636-0750 FAX: 088-636-0789
August, 1975
Nankai Ferry establishment
We do business from Nankai steamship and transfer (Wakayama - Komatsushima route)
July, 1958
High speed vessel route new establishment (Wakayama - Tokushima route)
March, 1989
It is gone into service new ship "one of ferry bear"
December, 2004
Construction high speed vessel "there is"; go into service
July, 2009
The new ship "ferry sword" service
April, 1999
We transfer ferry course to Wakayama - Tokushima route
The new ship "ferry katsuragi" service
February, 2002
The high speed vessel business abolition
April, 2007
Ship that "one of ferry bear" decreases by, the two ships 9 round-trip system
July, 2009
We carry out social experiment "1,000 yen ferry" by use of Wakayama Tokushima course promotion business than 7/18 until 3/31 next year
June, 2013
Remodeling Renew in ship Al
April, 2014
Fare revision accompanied with consumption tax rate revision
December, 2019
The new ship "Ferry I" service
Subsidiary Nankai Ferry Corporation
Business outline: Agency business, lunch/stand sale others