Company profile
(as of July 1, 2018)
Company name Nankai Ferry
The location 〒640-8404 2835-1, Minato, Wakayama-shi
Representative President Shigeru Sakata
Establishment August 20, 1975
Capital 100 million yen
Stockholder 100% of Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Officer Seven people
Employee 80 people
Business outline General passenger regular line business "Wakayama - Tokushima route" (Kinki No. 110)
・Nankai Ferry 9 roundtrip/days (the time required: for about two hours) 
・Use ship (two)
Ferry Katsuragi
2620 gross tonnage
Ferry Tsurugi
2604 gross tonnage
Wakayama Office
〒640-8404 2835-1, Minato, Wakayama-shi
TEL: 073-422-2156 FAX: 073-431-4434
Tokushima Office
〒770-0874 5-7-39, Minamiokinosu, Tokushima-shi
 TEL: 088-636-0750 FAX: 088-636-0789
August, 1975
Nankai Ferry establishment
We do business from Nankai steamship and transfer (Wakayama - Komatsushima route)
July, 58
High speed vessel route new establishment (Wakayama - Tokushima route)
March, 1989
It is gone into service "one of ferry bear" new ship
December, 4
Construction high speed vessel "there is; go into service"
July, 9
The new ship "ferry sword" service
April, 11
Ferry course is transferred by Wakayama - Tokushima course
The new ship "ferry katsuragi" service
February, 14
The high speed vessel business abolition
April, 19
Ship that "one of ferry bear" decreases by, the two ships 9 round-trip system
July, 21
We carry out social experiment "1,000 yen ferry" by use of Wakayama Tokushima course promotion business than 7/18 until 3/31 next year
June, 25
Remodeling Renew in ship Al
April, 26
Fare revision accompanied with consumption tax rate revision
Subsidiary Nankai Ferry Corporation
Business outline: Agency business, lunch/stand sale others