Navigation timetable, reservation relations
Q. How many months is reservation possible for?
A.We make reservation from two months ago on the embarkation day.
As reservation takes only car, and only two-wheeled vehicle and passenger do not accept reservation of (except group), please be careful.
・Reservation heard only vehicle in telephone, travel agency.
・We cannot make a reservation by the Internet and email.
・By influence of weather or check, maintenance, suspension service, period may be changed and decides navigation and suspension in the latest weather situation at the time of stormy weather in total in particular. Therefore it is certain that we have you confirm service status over telephone before departure at the best.
・Please offer so pregnant woman, one inconvenient of body at the time of reservation.

※As it is 15 minutes before start on a voyage on expiration date of reservation, please be careful.

◎[Reservation of car]
Each port Office copes for 24 hours. I would like reservation over telephone.
Wakayama Office: 073-422-2156 Tokushima Office: 088-636-0750

◎How to Board by motorcycle, bicycle
On the day special baggage such as motorcycle, bicycle becomes the embarkation of first-come-first-served basis.
※We cannot make a reservation.

◎[About reservation of green seat]
You can make a reservation of green ticket at the time of the purchase in each office of main travel agencies or Wakayama Port, Tokushima Port. In addition, please note that you cannot be specified about seat.
It releases until noon on ... day before one month ago of the embarkation day you like. (but, in travel agency, you can make a reservation for two months of the embarkation day you like)
On the day the embarkation is release only in slop chest.

Q. Can we reserve two-wheeled vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle)?
A.I'm sorry, but it does not need reservations and has you go on board on first-come-first-served basis.
As it becomes around 20 1 ships, please spend busy season (including GW, tray) early.
Q. The requirements when we make a reservation?
The embarkation day and time
The name
Contact information (phone number to get of communication, please in emergency such as the suspension of service communication.)
The car head (length of registration document mention, please.)
Q. Can we reserve green seat?
A.We receive reservation by advance sale release.
We accept advance sale release at our office window until noon of the day before for one month of the embarkation day you like.
But, in travel agency, you can make a reservation for two months of the embarkation day you like.
Q. Is it navigation timetable same on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays?
A.Ferry is the same, but Nankai trains are different.
As Nankai Railway Corporation has timetable on Saturdays and holidays, please be careful.
→Timetable, Fare
The embarkation ticket, fare and rate
Q. Is there the round-trip embarkation ticket?
A.There is passenger round-trip ticket, but there is not vehicle roundtrip ticket.
About the vehicle embarkation ticket (we include fellow passenger), by one way becomes the purchase, and it is return journey 10% discount when we will show copy of outward trip embarkation ticket (less than 14 days including the outward trip embarkation day) at the time of the return journey embarkation ticket purchase. In addition, please be careful in one which cannot use together with other discount about this discount.
→Fare, list of charges
Q. What is green rate?
A.In the case of the use, it is rate that is necessary separately from fare at inboard green seat (reclining seat).
It is adult one 500 yen, children one 250 yen.
When infants use seat of green seat alone, passenger fare 1,100 yen for one child and green rate 250 yen for one child are necessary.
During busyness period, it is adult one 1,000 yen, children one 500 yen.
※Rate application day between busy seasons: From April 29 to May 7, from August 10 to August 17, from December 29 to January 5
→Fare, list of charges
Q. Is infant, children fare from how old to how old?
A.Infant is younger than 1-6 years old, and children intend for primary schoolchild.
As for the infant, one person is free for one adult, and, about fare, baby (under 1 year old) becomes free.
When infants use seat of green seat about green rate alone, passenger fare 1,100 yen for one child and green rate 250 yen for one child are necessary.
→Fare, list of charges
Q. Is there expiration date of coupon?
A.On expiration date of our handling coupon, we include on date of purchase and are nine months.
But it is four months on expiration date of mini-coupon for car.
Car mini-coupon
Q. Is the registration document necessary at the time of the ferry embarkation ticket purchase?
A.We ask for the presentation of the registration document at the time of the embarkation ticket purchase to confirm displacement volume of the car head and two-wheeled vehicle.
As you do not mind even copying, please offer.
→The embarkation method
Discount relations
Q. Is there discount with disability certificate?
A.There is.
You can use the second class passenger fare at 50% discount. Please show notebook to person in charge at the time of the embarkation ticket purchase.
There is not discount for Vihicle Fare (we include driver), two-wheeled vehicle fare.
Person with a disability discount
Q. What kind of discount service is there?
A.There is return journey discount, student discount, person with a disability discount.
Q. Can you receive student discount only by student identification card?
A.We cannot do it.
You match student identification card with identification of school student student passenger fare discount of school issuance (identification of student discount), and please submit at the time of the embarkation ticket purchase. When we commute by vehicle and are got, please offer two pieces for roundtrip as there is not round-trip ticket.
Q. Can you receive overlap service of various discount?
A.We repeat and cannot discount.
Q. Is there reduced fare that cooperated with some facility?
A.There is.
Ride ship tickets that was bundled with admission ticket of "Misakikoen" (entertainment period of spring, summer, fall) have "Porto Europe" (all year). In addition, there are plans such as partner discount with Uwajima Transportation ferry Jumbo Ferry or ferry + bus, too.
Various discount
Each port facility and access
Q. Is parking lot in both Minato?
A.There is.
In Wakayama Port about one time of use toll parking lot of 1,000 yen (effective for 14 days) for 30.
It is completely equipped with free parking lot for 140 in Tokushima Port.
Reservation does not receive both ports together. On the day we assume first-come-first-served basis. Please order stationed-in-bike-race ticket after the embarkation ticket purchase before the use at each port ticket office. On the day, sorry, please understand as there is when it becomes full when it is not available.
Q. What kind of transportation is there from each port?
A.[Wakayama Port ferry landing]
There is train to the Namba area from Nankai Main Line Wakayamako Station (Nankai Railway Corporation) of the nearest station.
(it connects with ferry Upbound second ... eight flights)
To Wakayamako Station, it is degree in exclusive passage about 3 minutes on foot from leaving a ship entrance.
To the Wakayama city - JR Wakayama Station area, please use Wakayama Bus.
(ferry Upbound third ... eight flights)
 [Tokushima Port ferry landing]
Route bus (Tokushima municipal bus) for the JR Tokushima Station area runs from landing front bus stop "in front of Nankai Ferry".
The time required to JR Tokushima Station is around 25 minutes. As it is not communication, shuttle bus, please be careful.
Q. How much is the time required from each port nearest IC to port?
A.[31-syllable Japanese poem mountain side]
It is about 20 minutes than Hanwa Expressway, Wakayama IC.
 [the Tokushima side]
It is about 20 minutes than Tokushima Expressway, Tokushima IC.
Q. Are facilities such as lockers in both Minato?
A.Facilities such as lockers do not have both ports together. Sorry, please understand.
Inboard facilities
Q. Is there restroom for person with a disability?
A.Yes, we install each ship.
We install baby sheet, baby chair in the rest room room.
Q. How does the setting situation of elevator turn out?
A.We establish both ports terminal, but there is not in ship.
Q. Are there the nursing rooms of baby?
A.It is in ship. Please report to inboard bureau at the time of the use.
Q. Are there bathing facilities in ship?
A.There are shower facilities into driver room for truck driver.
Q. Is the ship non-smoking?
A.Yes, it is non-smoking.
We make ash pan for rear deck out of the guest room. In the case of smoking, please use this.
Q. Is inboard guest room carry-on of pet possible?
A.Yes, it is all right. But belongings ticket (280 yen) is necessary.
In addition, as customer who does not like animal comes, we can enter containers such as baskets for pet by all means and hope that we do not provide from case in ship in terminal.
Q. What time are business hours of stand and cafe in in ship and waiting for place from?
A.[stand in ship]
Upbound until five minutes before the fourth flight (8:00) - eighth flight (18:55) start on a voyage.
Downbound until five minutes before the fourth flight (8:30) - eighth flight (19:15) start on a voyage.
 [stand in waiting for place]
It is usually Wakayama Port 7:30-19:00. Tokushima Port 10:00 - 13:30 15:30-18:55
We may change by service status. In addition, during voyage, please note that there is time to get up in inboard bureau, and to close a shop after the inboard announcement at the time of Malin girl rest at one time.
Q. Are there charge facilities for electric car in ship?
A.Yes. There are charge facilities for one in each ship.
※But we may not measure up to requests of customer at the time of congestion.
We become the first receptionist at the time of the vehicle passage ticket purchase.
※We do not do prior acceptance with telephones.

for more detail ...
Q. Is there the handling of credit card?
A.Yes, there is.
But we intend for only at the time of the purchase of the vehicle (including fellow passenger and two-wheeled vehicle) embarkation ticket. It is not available at the time of the passenger embarkation ticket (including Nankai Railway Corporation transfer ticket), belongings ticket, the coupon purchase. I would like payment with cash. In addition, even in the case of the vehicle embarkation ticket purchase, please note that you have discount coupon decline as for the payment by card at the time of the use.
The handling card: VISA, Master, JCB, ginren