It is Kirara Takano and Mai Awano publicizing Nankai Ferry from 2011.
Commencing with advantageous sea voyage information, we will introduce Sightseeing Informations of South Kinki and Shikoku from now on.
I would appreciate your consideration with Nankai Ferry.

The name Kirara Takano
Age etc Eleventh grader who is raised in Wakayama birth, Wakayama.
maitoha childhood friend.
After having gone to maiga Tokushima, we deepen friendship by email.
Character We are spirited and are active
Hobby Trip, listening to music

The name Mai Awano
Age etc Of Wakayama birth, the Tokushima breeding
Eleventh grader.
At the age of third grader to Tokushima.
It is childhood friend with mica.
Character Graceful character
Hobby Trip, confectionery making