New ship naming decision!

We performed naming offer of the service planned new ship until August 31 from July 16, this year at the end of 2019. As a result of having examined much application fairly from the inside that had, "love" "indigo plant" "I was decided in "Ferry I" as keyword of three of me".

1.Three keywords
": I I" → Main character of trip across the sea I (I meets) …We put thought called this.
"Love" → Beloved family, friend, pleasant sea voyage to meet lover
"Indigo plant" → Ship which was based on color of goods dyed deep blue made specially in Tokushima
We will provide sea voyage that is "security, relief, niceness" to be used to ferry "loved" for a long time by all of you.


": I I" who go on a trip
Want to look for Tokushima and Wakayama, naturally comfortable original scenery of Japan; "I I" am main character of story

Beloved person is waiting. Family, friend, lover ...
If "we meet" and pray for sea bream, thought arrives in the other side of the blue sea.
More than distance of 60km, 2-hour sea voyage begins
Carrying dream of encounter that is pleasant in rhythm of wave


Of "indigo dyeing" on behalf of Tokushima color color to be where, or to feel for ease with nostalgia of heart Japanese as for "meet"
Dignified face which we did is different from simple face not to give glory to, refreshing face, rin in way of feeling by person seeing
It is ... like mirror to project my "heart" seeing on

2.Successful announcement (prize)

It was decided from "Ferry I" and a large number of people who had you apply.

 For one set of "Nanki Katsuura Onsen hotel Nakanoshima special room overnight pair accommodation coupon" (the use after April, 2019) and one Nankai Ferry for free embarkation ticket (annual passport)

 <A prize>
Is lottery from one applied for; to ten people for "JCB gift card 2,000 yen"

 <B prize>
Is lottery from one applied for; to 30 people for "JCB gift card 1,000 yen"

 Then, we exchange with announcement with shipment of prize.

Ferry I (image photograph)

※We are going to adopt design which let you reflect naming in future.

As "Ferry I" is going to release completed state in our WEB site from 2019, please watch warmly.

Reference of this matter
Nankai Ferry sales department TEL073-422-2160 (weekdays 9:00-17:30)