New ship "Ferry I" will go into service

 New ship "Ferry I" constructing will go into service from Sunday, December 15. "Ferry I" will provide sea voyage comfortable happily for security, relief that "love and meeting point" are filled with collars of Tokushima in the image of "indigo blue, Japan blue".

 New ship "Ferry I" (aggregate tonnage: 2,825 tons) concentrates women-only seat and green seat of wonderful view, invention including interior that imaged multilingualization such as information notation various as foreign countries inbound correspondence, broadcast, not only maintenance of Wi-Fi environment but also instagrammable appearance and Tokushima, Shikoku again and will act for fun space and offer of sea voyage.

<about the service>
 On the day we present the service souvenir to each service first arrival 100 people of customer got on for Downbound fifth flight (at 10:35) from Wakayama Port, Upbound six flights (at 13:25) from Tokushima Port in commemoration of the service start on Sunday, December 15.
 In addition, as for "the ferry sword" which had you favor than than the service for a long time of 22 years, it is retirement with at Upbound four flights Tokushima Port 8:00 on the same day.

Chair seat> <ship ahead

> new at (carpet) seat for exclusive use of <woman