Porto standard pass advance sale set in Europe

In Nankai Ferry, it releases advance sale exchange ticket of Porto European "standard pass" in Tokushima Office.
In addition, we perform advance sale exchange ticket + ferry set discount (the purchase simultaneous with standard pass advance sale exchange ticket condition). 

・As of amount of release (tax-included) October 1, 2019 in Tokushima Port
Adult (more than junior high student) 3 years or older - primary schoolchild
Standard pass advance sale exchange ticket 3,600 yen 3,100 yen
※1.There is attraction not to be able to use partly including coin machine. There is-use restrictions by height, age, health condition.
※As for the attraction to be able to use, please see the following table. We can use attraction for each pass again and again only for the day.
※We may not use by the congestion situation.

※Sale of the Porto round-trip embarkation ticket in Europe was finished in the end of September, 2019.

☆★About use of round-trip ferry set discount★☆

(in outward trip the embarkation ticket and the standard pass simultaneous purchase of car condition)

●Release point
In Tokushima Office only on the day of the embarkation

※We do not do release in Wakayama Office and ship.

●It is targeted for discount

We purchase Porto European "standard pass" advance sale exchange ticket one piece or more in car to less than 6m and the fellow passengers at the same time
※As admission charges are free, there is not need that all the fellow passengers purchase standard pass advance sale exchange ticket.

joyoshakosounchin 20% discount, fellow passenger passenger fare 20% discount in vehicle capacity

※As we seal copy of embarkation ticket that we purchased in Tokushima Port with exclusive seal about return journey, it is discount after confirmation in Wakayama Port in this (from the outward trip embarkation day less than four days)


Only as for the cash payment


※We cannot receive the embarkation discount of return journey (from Wakayama Port) even if we purchase Porto European "standard pass" advance sale exchange ticket in Tokushima Port if there is not the embarkation of outward trip (from Tokushima).

※As there is not at all even if refund after Porto European "standard pass" advance sale exchange ticket release is suspension of service and non-service condition, please be careful.

●Please confirm in Porto Europe WEB site including event, closed days.

●Entrance to Porto Europe, the Kuroshio Current market is free.