[news that is important to customer got on]

Thank you very much for using Nankai Ferry.

I receive new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19) expansion out of the country and I add to infectious disease prophylaxis that I am already carrying out and may decline boarding in state that is poor in physical condition for the time being. We would appreciate your your understanding and cooperation.

1. For the infection prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, employee wears mask and may perform guidance.

2. In the ferry ship, the terminal, we install alcohol disinfectant which customer can use.

3. We change driving of air conditioner to always take in fresh fresh air, and to circulate in ferry ship.

4. Which is poor in physical condition in the case that case and temperature that felt that fever with 37.5 degrees or more temperature is detected in you are within 37.5 degrees would appreciate your writing down boarding as much as possible. In addition, we may ask for conduct of the temperature measurement than our employee.

5. When I am judged 37.5 degrees or more, I consider to be symptom with evidence of new infectious disease and, for the infectious disease prevention, expansion prevention, cancel application of shipping contract based on we "conditions of carriage" (part Chapter 2 Article 3 of passenger transport) based on the Carriage by Sea Act and may decline boarding even if I already bought boarding ticket.

We will try for preventive measures against infectious disease expansion sequentially in us.

In the customer, I would like cooperation in a cough etiquette including wearing of brisk hand-washing, alcohol disinfection and mask.