"Ferry I" was launched

We were launched on July 9. It is dekyochu from building dock

The launching is ceremony celebrating moment when ship which we constructed touches water for the first time, but we inject seawater in building dock with mother ship, and there is advantage that can be launched safely by gradually floating the hull.
This leaves infusion of seawater to dock just before we float the hull, and there are not water leaks, or the bottom of a ship can check elaborately from intakes of established seawater.
We photograph from the upper gate type crane

To quay which dekyogo is drawn out on boat, and performs outfit construction

We move to process to be said to be outfit (giso) after this, and various accessories are attached in state that comes alongside the pier, and floated in dock side quay on the sea and can finally enter dock once again and they finish the last of cleaning of shell and the painting (final dock) and hang for about four months and are completed.