"Ferry I" shipbuilding progress (8.9 month)

It becomes update since the launching of July.
As the appearance does not have change very much to Final Dock, we will tell about construction progress mainly on the inboard situation.

As we go to Sanoyasu shipbuilding Mizushima laboratory, and the writer took photograph the other day, we will publish mainly on this.

[wagon deck]

It is state at the time of the launching.

We performed the wagon deck painting from August through September.

[the guest room]

State at the time of the launching does not seem to come.

Interior construction considerably advanced in about two months, too.

Carpet seat area of central access hole and right and left
The photograph back is chair seat area. When climb white stairs; to the sky deck (green room)

Is carpet seat area, but as for this steadily.

Carpet seat is surrounded, and there is feeling.
The seat looks good from the aisle side and is structure different from "Katsuragi" "sword".

It is ... that chair seat area located guest room ahead was soup stock for iron

We are finished neatly.

The sky deck (green room) just after the launching

The reason why image is bluish is that blue protection seal is put on windowpane.

Big window is located and is opening-like space.

Central bureau (slop chest)

Family seat area

Business Corners

Driver room

Bifour of observation deck



[engine room]

Photograph was many articles, but thank you for you seeing till the last.