"Ferry I" groundbreaking ceremony

A Happy New Year. In this year thank you for your cooperation. Groundbreaking ceremony of "Ferry I" that we pushed forward building was held in Sanoyasu shipbuilding Mizushima factory (Okayama) on Wednesday, December 19, 2018. By groundbreaking ceremony, the first welding work was carried out as "starting farming for the year ceremony" (kotohajimenogi). When our President Sakata and Director Sato of Mizushima factory push button, welding with automatic welder begins, and a feeling of expectation that building of mother ship finally gets into full swing increases.
We push down button performing starting farming for the year ceremony
This ship is ferry aiming at the energy saving navigation that auto-pilot with ACE function was adopted including axis electrical generator, LED light. In addition, air conditioner (building multi-air-conditioner) according to extensive passenger area and zone where you posted partitioning that becomes 35% wider than current ship, and was based on indigo dyeing color made specially in Tokushima is adopted and can enjoy comfortable sea voyage.  ※ACE: Abbreviation of Advance Control for Ecology. We make route toward destination automatically when we set bearing from the existing point to destination. Function to estimate agitation (caused by tide, wind) influence, and to control rudder ideally so that route secession distance becomes shortest, and to navigate on route.
Ferry I
Ferry I (image photograph)

Main specifications

Full length 108.00m Overall width 17.50m
Depth 6.10m Draft (full loading) 4.40m
Gross tonnage 2,820t Speed (the main engine 75% output) 18.4 knots
Prescribed number of passengers 546 people High wagon deck 5.05m
The maximum deployment vehicle number 37 8t truck conversion
Main engine Daihatsu 6DKM-36e *2 about 3,500kw/600R.P.M. *2
Special ship facilities It is ship the stern twin trunk type, engine room no person. We are equipped with flap ladder, controllable pitch propeller, bow thruster and joy-stick control, ACE.